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Several updates have been planned for this site for quite a while, and work has been ongoing. The first significant change that is happening is with our blog posts. A new WordPress-based site has been created for our posts at The new site has a fresh look and feel and shows the direction we’re hoping to take this entire site eventually. You'll probably notice the similarities if you have tried Podman Desktop.

We are contemplating moving the blog posts from this site to the new one. At least for the moment, the blog posts created before today (December 7, 2022) can now be found under the “Archived Blogs” link on the left side menu. The “Blogs” link in that same menu will take you to the new site.

We hope you enjoy the new blog site and would love to hear from you about what you think about it. As on this site, blog posts from the community will always be gratefully accepted!

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Netavark and Aardvark-dns v1.3.0 release

We have cut new releases of the network stack components for netavark and aardvark-dns. Both netavark and aardvark-dns versions 1.3.0 were released. As the process works, the upstream releases will slowly work their way into Linux distributions.

A basic summary of changes for both are as follows:

v1.3.0 Netavark

  • Housekeeping and code cleanup
  • macvlan: remove tmp interface when name already used in netns
  • Add support for route metrics
  • netlink: return better error if ipv6 is disabled
  • macvlan: fix name collision on hostns
  • Ignore dns-enabled for macvlan (BZ2137320)
  • better errors on teardown
  • allow customer dns servers for containers
  • do not set route for internal-only networks
  • do not use ipv6 autoconf

v1.3.0 Aardvark-dns

  • allow one or more dns servers in the aardvark config

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Podman Windows Installer

By Tom Sweeney GitHub

If you are looking into running Podman on Windows, Tom Sweeney's latest blog post on EnableSysadmin shows you how easy it is now. The Run Podman on Windows: How-to instructions runs you through the four steps that take five minutes to complete. After that is done, you can then run Podman from your favorite Windows terminal without first having to get into a Virtual Machine. As a bonus, there's a link to a walk through video tutorial included in the post.

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Podman, Buildah and Skopeo on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta is available for testing as of March 31st. This is the first LTS release with Podman, Buildah and Skopeo in the default repos, thanks to the amazing work of Reinhard Tartler and team.

The package versions available currently are: Podman 3.4, Buildah 1.23 and Skopeo 1.4.

There won't be any further updates to the Kubic repos as far as Podman, Buildah and Skopeo are concerned, so users are recommended to use the default repos on 22.04 LTS.

If you're currently using packages from the Kubic repos, it’s highly recommended to uninstall the Kubic packages prior to upgrading to 22.04 LTS.

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Netavark and Aardvark-dns v1.0.2 release

The Podman development team has released new versions of both Netavark and Aardvark-dns. The releases mostly consist of updated dependency libraries and bugfixes. Additionally, netavark is now capable of having a statically addressed macvlan without a gateway address. New packages for Fedora 36 and the Podman4 COPR are being built and should be available shortly.