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Welcome to the website for the Pod Manager tool (podman). This site features announcements and news around Podman, and occasionally other container tooling news.

What is Podman? Podman is a daemonless container engine for developing, managing, and running OCI Containers on your Linux System. Containers can either be run as root or in rootless mode. Simply put: `alias docker=podman`. More details here.

What's New!

15 Oct 2019 » Generate SECCOMP Profiles for Containers Using Podman and eBPF

Valentin Rothberg checks in with the “Generate SECCOMP Profiles for Containers Using Podman and eBPF” blog here. In the article Valentin introduces the OCI seccomp hook which allows you to trace the syscalls of a container and then runs through a working example.

14 Oct 2019 » Here’s why podman is more secured than Docker – DevSecOps

Ganesh Mani discusses why Podman is more secure than Docker here on the CLOUDNWEB site. Ganesh talks about why Podman’s fork and execute model is more secure than Docker’s client server model.

14 Oct 2019 » Say “Hello” to Buildah, Podman, and Skopeo

Saharsh Singh talks about how he’s moved on from his Docker daemon and moved on to Podman, Buildah and Skopeo here on the Red Hat Service Blog site. Saharsh walks you through a history of container tools and then talks about Podman, Buildah and Skopeo with a lot of great examples.

25 Sep 2019 » Podman in HPC environments

Adrian Reber talks all about the Message Passing Interface (MPI) in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment with the help of Podman here. Adrian provides a nice walk through of how he accomplished this and then explains each of his steps in great detail.

11 Sep 2019 » Why can’t rootless Podman pull my image?

Matt Heon has a blog post on the Red Hat Enable Sysadmin site about Why can’t rootless Podman pull my image?. In the blog Matt discusses why restrictions on rootless containers can be inconvenient, but why they’re necessary. In the blog Matt covers the use of user namespace and the allocations of uid and gid’s that are required to make rootless containers work securely in your environment.

28 Aug 2019 » Best practices for running Buildah in a container

Dan Walsh has recently posted a blog on the Red Hat Developer Blog, Best practices for running Buildah in a container. The post walks you through the balancing act of running a container securely using Podman while keeping an eye on performance. A big boost to the performance side of things is the concept of “Additional Stores”. Dan walks you through the use of those in this blog and then wraps it all up with an on-line video at the end.

23 Aug 2019 » Podman, contenedores sin Docker

How’s your espanol? If it’s good, checkout this video blog on YouTube Podman, contenedores sin Docker! In it Iñigo Serrano shows how to run Wildfly in a Podman container without Docker.

22 Aug 2019 » Using the rootless containers Tech Preview in RHEL 8.0

Scott McCarty has a blog post on the Red Hat Blog about Using the rootless containers Tech Preview in RHEL 8.0. Podman rootless containers has hit Tech Preview for RHEL 8.0 and Scott walks you through the setup necessary for rootless containers. Small hint, it’s a short post because it’s just that easy.

14 Aug 2019 » Podman v1.5.0 Released

Podman has gone 1.5.0!

10 Aug 2019 » How templating works with Podman, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift

Olaph Wagner has put together a nice introduction on How templating works with Podman, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Developer blog site. If you want to find out how to use Podman to create images that helps Red Hat OpenShift to make templates on the IBM Cloud(TM), then this is the article for you!

08 Aug 2019 » Command Highlight: podman images

A quick asciinema demo highlighting what the podman images command can do. A great way to get quickly immersed with this command in just a few minutes time. Checkout the demo here and if you want to run the script yourself, it can be found here.

29 Jul 2019 » Podman: Linux containers made easy, part 3

It’s in German again, but a worthy read Podman: Linux containers made easy, part 3. Valentin Rothberg (@vrothberg) introduces Podman to the reader and talks about how it fits in the container eco-system. If your German is a little rusty, you may need to lean on Google Translate.

06 Jul 2019 » How Podman replaces Docker and Docker Compose for local development

Is it possible to completely replace Docker with Podman without any loss of developer’s productivity? Read about real use case in new article on mkdev.me blog: Dockerless, part 3: Moving development environment to containers with Podman.

26 Jun 2019 » Replacing Docker with Podman

Ganesh Mani recently wrote the blog Replacing Docker with Podman — Power of Podman — Cloudnweb. The article gives a nice overview of Docker, Podman, their differences, and how you can use Podman to replace Docker. A nice read and really, who doesn’t love a blog that wraps up with a meme featuring The Rock?

19 Jun 2019 » OnDemand Course: Container pipelines for sys admins—and anyone, really—with Buildah and Podman

Red Hat has recently posted an OnDemand course: Container pipelines for sys admins—and anyone, really—with Buildah and Podman. The session teaches you how to integrate both Podman and Buildah into your continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions and also serves as a good introduction to both tools. The cost can’t be beat (free!), so if you’re looking for a quick introduction into the tools, this is a good way to go.

17 Jun 2019 » Announcing the Podman Mailing List!

We’ve received a number of requests for a mailing list for Podman and we’re happy to announce that one has just been created! We’ve built a friendly community on IRC and GitHub and plan to continue that growth in this new mailing list. The maintainers of the project are all members of the list and we’re happy to take any and all questions there about Podman. You can also just use the list as a way to track what’s going on with Podman as release announcements and other important news will be posted there.

Get all the details on this blog post!

13 Jun 2019 » Podman Cheat Sheet

Red Hat Developer recently posted a new Podman Cheat Sheet on their blog. It’s a handy guide that cover the commands that focus on images, containers and container resources. Check it out!

14 Dec 2018 » New Blog from Emilien Macchi, Part 4!

Emilien Macchi has posted a fourth blog on how his group is running Healthchecks for Podman containers: “OpenStack Containerization with Podman – Part 4 (Healthchecks)”. Check it out!

10 Sep 2018 » What's NEW!

Welcome to the podman.io website!

If you’ve missed the news so far, CoreOS was acquired by Red Hat at the beginning of 2018. This also means some changes for Buildah and Podman.

Buildah and Podman were previously projects within Project Atomic which is going to be sunset in favor of an immutable host combination of Container Linux and Fedora Atomic Host: this combination is called Fedora CoreOS. We therefore welcome you to the new websites, buildah.io and podman.io where you will find news, announcements, and more around the respective projects.

To start it up, check out the new Blogs and Releases sections on the site.

Now where is that Container Commandos Coloring Book?