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The Podman developers are generally around during CEST and Eastern Time business hours, so please be patient if you’re in another time zone!

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Podman Community Meetings

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Attendees Ashley Cui, Christopher Evich, Ed Santiago Munoz, Gerry Seidman, Giuseppe Scrivano, Kevin Clevenger, Lokesh Mandvekar, Mario Loriedo, Miloslav Trmac, Nalin Dahyabhai, Neil Smith, Nicola Sella, Paul Holzinger, Tom Sweeney

Older meeting details

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Simply visit [the Podman mailing list website]( to browse or search previous postings to the Podman mailing list.

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Submitting Issues & Pull Requests

Submitting Issues

Don't include private / sensitive info in issues!

  • Feel free to add your scenario, or additional information, to the discussion.
  • Subscribe to the issue to be notified when it is updated.
  • Include as much detail as possible
  • Try to remove any extra stuff that doesn't really relate to the issue itself

Submitting Pull Requets

While bug fixes can first be identified via an "issue", that is not required. It's ok to just open up a PR with the fix, but make sure you include the same information you would have included in an issue - like how to reproduce it.

PRs for new features should include some background on what use cases the new code is trying to address. When possible and when it makes sense, try to break-up larger PRs into smaller ones - it's easier to review smaller code changes. But only if those smaller ones make sense as stand-alone PRs. Regardless of the type of PR, all PRs should include:

  • Well-documented code changes.
  • Additional testcases. Ideally m they should fail w/o your code change applied.
  • Documentation changes.
More PR Submission Details

Special thanks to our contributors

The Podman community has contributors from many different organizations, including:

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