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Podman Desktop is Podman's graphical application that makes it easy to install and work with Podman (and other container engines) on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Manage containers (not just Podman.)

Podman Desktop allows you to list, view, and manage containers from multiple supported container engines* in a single unified view.

Gain easy access to a shell inside the container, logs, and basic controls.

* Supported engines and orchestrators include Podman, Docker, Lima, kind, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Developer Sandbox.

Build, pull, and push images.

Build containers from a Dockerfile / Containerfile, or pull images from remote repositories to run.

Manage accounts for and push your images to multiple container registries.

Podify containers into pods.

Create pods by selecting containers to run together. View unified logs for your pods and inspect the containers inside each.

Play Kubernetes YAML locally, without Kubernetes, and generate Kubernetes YAML from Pods.

Deploy to Kubernetes.

Deploy pods from Podman Desktop to local or remote Kubernetes contexts using automatically-generated YAML config.

Podman Command-Line

Podman's command-line interface allows you to find, run, build, and share containers.

Find and pull down containers no matter where they are.

  • podman search
  • podman pull

Find and pull down containers whether they are on or, an internal registry server, or direct from a vendor.

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