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Netavark and Aardvark-dns v1.3.0 released

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Netavark and Aardvark-dns v1.3.0 release

We have cut new releases of the network stack components for netavark and aardvark-dns. Both netavark and aardvark-dns versions 1.3.0 were released. As the process works, the upstream releases will slowly work their way into Linux distributions.

A basic summary of changes for both are as follows:

v1.3.0 Netavark

  • Housekeeping and code cleanup
  • macvlan: remove tmp interface when name already used in netns
  • Add support for route metrics
  • netlink: return better error if ipv6 is disabled
  • macvlan: fix name collision on hostns
  • Ignore dns-enabled for macvlan (BZ2137320)
  • better errors on teardown
  • allow customer dns servers for containers
  • do not set route for internal-only networks
  • do not use ipv6 autoconf

v1.3.0 Aardvark-dns

  • allow one or more dns servers in the aardvark config