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· 8 min read

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First Look: Rootless Containers and cgroup v2 on Fedora 31

By Tom Sweeney GitHub

I often times stay up too late at night watching late night television and run into these crazy commercials that tell you how easy their product is to use. If you’ve stayed up too, you know them as well. Just put your chicken and veggies in our oven, press 3 buttons and 45 minutes later a perfectly cooked meal! Easy! Got a leak? Slap on this tape and no more leak! Easy! Got a messy floor, just use this sweeper and you’ve the cleanest floor in the neighborhood! Easy!

Podman runs secure rootless containers and it really is easy! Trust me, I’m not like those other folks! As we’ve had a number of people asking us about what’s needed to set Podman rootless containers up, I decided to run through the process myself and to blog about the steps I took.