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Podman, Buildah and Skopeo on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta is available for testing as of March 31st. This is the first LTS release with Podman, Buildah and Skopeo in the default repos, thanks to the amazing work of Reinhard Tartler and team.

The package versions available currently are: Podman 3.4, Buildah 1.23 and Skopeo 1.4.

There won’t be any further updates to the Kubic repos as far as Podman, Buildah and Skopeo are concerned, so users are recommended to use the default repos on 22.04 LTS.

If you’re currently using packages from the Kubic repos, it’s highly recommended to uninstall the Kubic packages prior to upgrading to 22.04 LTS.