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Podman Security Announcement

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Podman Security Issue

Today, we're releasing updates to fix CVE-2020-14370, a security issue in Podman. This is a medium-severity information disclosure vulnerability that affects containers created using Podman’s Varlink API or the Docker-compatible version of its REST API. If two or more containers are created using these APIs, and the first container had environment variables added to it when it was created, all subsequent containers created using the Varlink or Docker-compatible REST APIs will also have these environment variables added. This effect does not persist after restarting the Podman API service.

Podman v2.0.5 and higher contain a fix for the CVE. If you use either of these APIs, please update to Podman v2.0.5 or later. We will also be patching the long-term support v1.6.4 release used in RHEL and CentOS.