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Podman v2 development update

By Brent Baude GitHub

In the last few days, the Podman development team has been working to release Podman-1.9.0. This is likely to be the last Podman-1.X release before we transition to Podman v2.x. We have been working since November 2019 to make a significant overhaul of Podman’s architecture. And if we did our job correctly, most casual Podman users will not notice a difference. We will continue to investigate and fix issues in Podman-1.x versions but severity of the bug and priority will dictate our response.

What some users who follow upstream development may notice is that while we make the final push to a 2.x release, our GitHub repository will look drastically different. For some period of time, certain Podman commands, if built based on upstream, may not function exactly as expected nor even exist. We already know we will need to disable some of our CI testing framework as part of this final push until we have a more complete Podman v2.x. We will not release Podman 2.0 until we are satisfied that it is ready. While upstream development will be impacted by the announced migration to Podman v2.x, you can still open issues and contribute pull requests to the project.

As has been the standard with our project, we will remain transparent in our development activities and try to keep our community appraised of our progress. We are excited for some of the technical advancements that Podman v2.x will give our users. Subsequent blog posts will be written on those advancements and why they matter to our users.