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Welcome to the new Podman Website!

Take a look around, don't forget to check out the new docs layout. Please report any bugs to the issue tracker.

The best free & open source container tools

Manage containers, pods, and images with Podman. Seamlessly work with containers and Kubernetes from your local environment.

Latest stable Podman 4.5.0-Latest stable Podman Desktop 1.0.1-Apache License 2.0

Supported Platforms

  • Fast and light.

  • Secure.

  • Open.

  • Compatible.

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Kubernetes Ready

A growing set of compatible tools

Visual Studio code includes Podman support

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Cirrus CLI allows you to reproducibly run containerized tasks with Podman

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GitHub Actions include support for Podman, as well as friends buildah and skopeo

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Kind's ability to run local Kubernetes clusters via container nodes includes support for Podman

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What people are saying about Podman

Milind Mehta

user avatar

3️⃣ Podman: 🐧 Hey Linux enthusiasts! 🐧 Podman is a lightweight, open-source container engine that doesn't require a special setup to run. 🏃‍♂️💨 With its secure capabilities, it allows developers to run containers without needing administrative access. 🛡️🔒 #PodmanPower

Shakeel Ahmad Minhas

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Looking for a lightweight and efficient way to run containers on your Mac? Give Podman a try! This open-source container engine can help you manage your containerized applications easily on macOS. #Mac #Podman #Containers

Just getting back to test #podman-desktop I used a bit after the #docker-desktop payment announcement. Changes are incredible and on #macosx all looks pretty smooth right now: docker API, host folder sharing, port sharing with hosts, privileged access (I test with, ... I think this became THE replacement for what we knew...

Latest Podman News

Have fun coloring and learn about Podman!

A decentralized team of open source container tool superheroes comes to the rescue when an asteroid storm threatens the planet. Learn about each tool—Podman, CRI-O, Buildah, Skopeo, and OpenShift—as they redesign the planet's protective shields' container deployment to protect Earth.

A collection of pages from the Podman coloring book.