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Podman Release

We’re happy to announce the availability of Podman, our latest version. We’ve been very busy over the last month, and it shows! We’ve merged over 150 new commits since our 0.11 releases, including major new functionality and several critical bugfixes. Pods, Kubernetes compatibility, and container volumes all saw major improvements.

We hope everyone enjoys the release, and stays with us in the future as Podman gets closer to 1.0. As always, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!


This release comes with many exciting new features. To highlight a few of our biggest changes:

Numerous bugs were fixed as well, including a breaking change in rootless Podman found in 0.11.x releases.

To see the full changelog, please visit our release notes on GitHub

Some of this work, like the podman volume command, is still very early. We’d greatly appreciate feedback! If you have an enhancement request or a bug report, please file them on our issue page.